The Crazy Life Of A Kid From Brooklyn //

William Phenn Review

Book review by William Phenn –

The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn  was an exciting autobiography to read, from his days as an ROTC cadet, to his climb through the military ranks, his energetic and skillful civilian life, jobs, career choices, home life, and family.

The extensive travels of the author and his many life experiences are told stitched nfl patch Jerseys bar in an energetic and very descriptive uniformity. The author tells of traveling through many foreign countries, visiting famous places stitched nfl patch Jerseys 101 and people, and enjoying gourmet dining; Bill truly lived life to the fullest. The humorous aspects of the book are a nice break and well placed within the autobiography.

Morgenstein knows just where to inject humor into his book. In one example, he describes working at a newly opened Thom McAn shoe store. He makes a bet with his boss and, in order to win it, tells his salesmen to just sell people any shoes that day,  to just make sales, and move on because the store was flooded with customers.  He knew that store policy was to exchange the item even without a receipt. He wins the bet.

The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn  is well written, and I would consider it mostly a general audience book with some adult language, stitched nfl patch Jerseys for cheap preferably for late teens and older. Bill takes the reader into his life. He brings the reader up close and personal into the life of a good Jewish boy who had been through boot camp, the Korean War, experiences after the war, and his family life.

He covers all aspects of his unusual life and keeps the reader glued to the pages from beginning to end. On one hand there is victory and on the other he tells of his defeat, but for the most part, he is a kid from Brooklyn who made it and is an inspiration to all young people.  Mr. Morgenstein is a self-made man: he Stitched NFL Patch Jersey didn’t step into wealth; he didn’t have it handed to him and he surely was not born into it. The wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys bar book is a literary masterpiece, and I gave it a very fine A on my tight scale.