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Lee Morgenstein


5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful and rich

ByCarole P. Romanon July 2, 2017

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Wonderful discounted arizona cardinals Jerseys and rich, The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn is an American story, a journey of a young boy from Brooklyn, living the American experience, starting with the days when kids played stoop ball with pink rubber Spaudlings. Morgenstern writes of simpler times, when you ate at your best-friends house all the time and got into the type mischief that will make you laugh when you sit around rekindling the memories many years later. His memoir is an account of his life, from childhood, to army, to retail, each stage a learning experience, where he picks up people to enrich his life and enable him to achieve his dreams. He is hard-working, ambitious, and as a result it is an interesting life, worth the time to read it. In books like this , we realize everybody has a story to tell that will represent their era and the way they used their time is a refection of who they are.

A Great Read!
ByWSKon June 14, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I loved this delightful, informative and insightful book. Oh, did I mention inspirational!? Bill Morgenstein is a perfect example of how someone can leverage anything they do in life. He women’s arizona cardinals Jerseys certainly took advantage of all his experiences and made them stepping stones to the next big adventure. He tells his stories with a lot of detail and a great perspective on how he made it all happen. I was especially drawn to his experiences in the jj nelson arizona cardinals Jersey shoe business. As someone who was employed by Thom McAnn in high school, and a former shoe model — I wonder if our paths ever crossed?


“Another Step Into The Spotlight! Book Review–Bill Morgenstein’s The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn

By tsufit on Jun 10, 2017 in Authors, book review, Book Reviews, Uncategorized

You know that song, Dueling Banjos?
So, in my case, it was Dueling Books.

Just got off an international flight with the book I started before boarding the plane and this book from the top of the heap of mail that accumulated during my 3 weeks away. Read a chapter of one, then a chapter of The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn, another chapter of the first one, another chapter of the Crazy Life book until a winner emerged.

At first, I almost didn’t open it ’cause I generally only review business books and this appeared to be more of a memoir or autobiography. And it is that. But lots for those looking for business lessons as well. Lots of lessons about managing people. Like when he purposely left an imperfection for a fastidious boss to find.

Spent the day on Arizona Cardinals Jerseys the backyard deck in a reclining lawn chair eating fried zucchini, peanut butter and banana and devouring Bill Morgenstein’s book. Hated the references to his early date’s appearance but kept reading anyway ’cause this guy is fascinating. A mischievous kid to the end, we get to see this guy create trouble, escape trouble, rise in prominence and responsibility and success from escapades in Korea to travels around the world in the shoe business–it’s hard to figure out how the author fit so many adventures into one lifetime and he’s still at it. Don’t pick it up unless you’re prepared to neglect everything else on your schedule ’cause you won’t be able to arizona cardinals Jersey from 1989 stop till page 323.

Truly fascinating to get a long peek into the life of an extraordinary ordinary guy.”

Latest Review

The Crazy Life wholesale nfl jackets raiders of a Kid from Brooklyn’ written by Bill Morgenstein

…is an educating, well-written autobiography of a man who because of his determination and Cheap NFL Jackets persistence never gave up of his ideas and besides living happy and interesting life managed to build and run nfl jackets from china successful business.

Morgenstein, first time author, with his book that draws attention starting with its name told detailed story about his life, his childhood, education, time spent in army, all the interesting and demanding jobs and positions he held, running the international company and ending with his consulting days.

Besides all of his demanding activities, Morgenstein managed nfl jackets australia to preserve his private life, therefore it cheap wholesale nfl jackets was beautiful to learn that he is still married with his beloved Sylvia for more than 60 years, being a real role model for all of us.

For me personally, it was interesting to read his adventures related to the ex-Yougoslavia and I can say that as an American he managed to well-understand many things about this country which was usually a problem for many puzzled because of their successful maintenance of balance between East and West, preserving good connection with both capitalist and communist world.

Summarized in one sentence, Bill Morgenstein managed to write a book that feels authentic in same time succeeding to laugh reader many times – a memoir well worth your time.

Denis Vukosav

The Crazy Kid Is an Enduring Friend I have had the Privilege to have Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys met and know.

I personally know Bill and met him through my relationship with one of our Mutual Employments. Me with Sterling Payments and Bill with Sterling Funding and both attending a annual convention at the Don Cesar in St Petersburg Beach several years ago.I personally can relate to a lot of his lifes experiences mentioned in his book, good and bad. I have grown to admire and respect Bill through the years and cheap nike nfl Jerseys from china enjoy our sharing of emails on a Daily basis for several years. The Book is a testimony to his integrity, his loyalty to Family first, nfl jackets for men raiders then friends and Business Associates, as revealed by nfl jackets amazon his wit and humor throughout the Book. If you ever get the chance to sit down with Bill over a drink and a Cigar, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity. Falling short of that opportunity I suggest you purchase and read his Book. That will give you the opportunity to befriend him as closely as you could by any other means short of meeting and enjoying personal fellowship with kids nfl jackets Him. I and my wife both give this Book a well deserved 5 stars and know there are Sequals yet to be written.

Robert D.

The crazy life of cfl Jerseys and apparel a cfl Jerseys uk kid from Brooklyn, My Review.

It was a good cfl Jerseys cp story, I cheap cfl Jerseys china enjoyed reading it. I read it on my Kindle, cfl Jersey sale and could not put it down. It is good reading and I highly recommend you to read it.

Eleanor Greenberg

Truly amazing Life cfl Jersey patch Story.

The author’s experiences in the retro cfl Jerseys US Army in Korea made me feel cfl Jerseys edmonton I was right there with him, and the inner workings of cfl Jersey 98 the industry was an eye opener. I would recommend this book both for the CFL Jersey pleasure it gave me reading it, and for the education I got from his successes and failures.

Marion Anglisano

The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn

…is a fun, fast-paced, humorous and descriptive autobiography of the author Bill Morgenstein. The book is congenially filled with a plethora of sections/chapters that puts a title on the proceeding section of his itinerary. Although I’d prefer that the author had made mention his age at the beginning of every chapter, I give credit to this slight foreshadowing as it makes it easier for the reader to follow chronologically through his experiences. Ideally, I’d suggest that this book is more tenable for an older audience because the wide array of Bill’s experiences and areas visited are within an esoteric realm that is more understood by someone of experience – a cosmopolitan. But I would say that this book is suitable for a younger audience (18-25) as well because of the feasibility and the parables. There are moral and even life lessons that can be learned even if one can’t necessarily relate.

Bill starts off his autobiography by describing his early childhood. He first mentions that during the onset of the great depression his father, Sam, had lost his entire fortune and Nike NFL Jerseys was forced to liquidate his successful curtain-rod business with 600 employees. He describes his father as a moderately [unconventionally] religious Jew born in Brooklyn and raised in Oklahoma. His father was an excellent horseman as well as being an expert on nature and animals. Bill himself was born in Brooklyn and as a kid haphazardly (and somewhat contentiously) came across who came to be his best friend, and neighbor, Louie. As a child, Bill along with his friend Louie, were what we would call cavorting “trouble makers” subjected to many thrilling experiences. And as kids they played many games such as (be ready this is old school) ringolevio, Johnny on the pony, marbles, hid-and-seek, stick ball (I bet you he still plays this now), punch-ball, etc. Bill as a youngster had many iconic experiences for himself. He got into fights, took boxing lessons, played in the Ice Cream League (as did baseball legend Sandy Koufax) – in which he got kicked out, participated in a school strike- that made the New York Daily News, cut class to see Frank Sinatra, mixed sodium & water which created a hydrogen explosion, and see baseball legend Babe Ruth make his final speech (what an experience). It is also worth noting that Bill went to Stuyvesant high school, which was and is one of the top high schools in the country, which he was a pitcher on their very good baseball time and obtained good grades (excluding Latin class).

After high school, Bill was accepted to NYU, Oklahoma University, Brooklyn College, and the University of Alabama. Bill decided with help from his father to attend the University of Alabama, which at the time was segregated (Bill righteously disliked this with contempt). At college he joined the fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu and majored in business, taking courses in banking and finance. During his early years his fraternity members humorously blindsided him to go to prom with a rather grotesque woman, as he described it. Bill got kicked out of Sigma Alpha Mu for fighting the fraternity’s arrogant master, after being picked on. Arguably Bill’s biggest triumph in college was meeting, dating, and marrying his wife Silvia (a transfer from Miami University). Bill and Silvia have been married for over 60 years, which is an outstanding life achievement that many aspire but typically only dream of. Together they procreated a wonderful family that maintains today with precocious and robust potential.

After college Bill joined the where are nike nfl Jerseys made air force and took part in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). His experience was shaky, and while fed up he decided to single-handedly cancel the march and parade by dissembling as a captain and making a phone call. He never got caught. After the experience he ventured in some things, including starting a company (which was brief), being a sales tutor, and then being drafted to the army. There he ended up in Korea where he had many experiences such as acting, painting, and teaching English to Korean students.

After the army, Bill got into the shoe business starting with Thom Mcan, which was a division of Melville Shoe Company (currently CVS). Here Bill went through management training and was lectured by the renowned management magnate Peter Drucker. Throughout his [shoe] business career, Bill had many different ventures and worked many different areas and accomplished his aspired goal – that is to be nike nfl Jerseys wholesale a company executive by the time he was 35. Companies that he had worked for include: Meldisco, Kitty Kelly, A.S. Beck, Sandia International, and Marquesa International (which he had started up himself). His days of business and travel are inundated with exciting excursions and dilemmas that leave the reader wanting more.

The author has experienced a variety of food, people, countries & areas, and youth nike nfl Jerseys cheap personas. Included (but not limited to) are the names of countries that Bill have been in: Yugoslavia, Brazil, Uruguay, Morocco, Macedonia, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Paraguay, Bolivia, Korea, Philippines, Israel (his dream trip – that he dedicates a chapter for), Poland, China, and more (he estimates around 47).

After retirement, Bill had wanted to go back to the work force and did so working for companies nike nfl Jerseys elite vs limited Advanceme and then Sterling Funding. He partook in positions such as a commercial loan broker, a consultant, and executive vice president. At this time, Bill still has some consulting assignments but is retired for the most part. As I previously mentioned, Bill and his wife Silvia got to go on their dream vacation to Israel in which he descriptively describes all the ancient antiquity, and purportedly holy sites that he got to see.

The author Bill Morgenstein describes himself as a genuinely quiet, nice, & humble guy. Reading through his mercurial experiences would lead one to think otherwise (i.e. loud, extroverted). Bill lived a rather nomadic life, and his experiences are inclusive to almost anything, from getting robbed to indulging in many VIP areas with renowned celebrities. Often, many are lead astray by their perception of those that are more quiet and despite being a fun, well written text, The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn trumps the fallacy of that purports an introvert as being “boring” and rather unusual (i.e. “weird”). The book is conversational (as advertised) and is an excellent read for anyone with an interest in culture, underdogs, allegories, etc. As a fellow reviewer had touched on, you don’t need to be famous or in the public eye to lead fascinating and honorable life. It just goes to show that the fads and trends that society is inebriated in – the reality TV shows, the TMZs, the social media followings, the infamous pseudo celebrities, etc – are just a distortion of the unknown and unaccounted for that deludes us and makes us figuratively turn the other cheek on some of the more honorable men that live in privy. 5/5

Mike Morgenstein

To me flutie cfl Jersey it was definitely a page turner.

Although I am Canadian born, I spent a lot of time of my adult years in Brooklyn. I enjoyed reading about ricky williams cfl Jersey the shoe stores that Bill Morgenstein was involved with. I shopped in many of them, and have cfl Jerseys for sale many fond memories of the fantastic styles and bargains that I was able to buy,at these wonderful show stores; especially being a young woman on a fixed budget, after all I had young children that needed to be clothed. Mother always seemed to com last. I enjoy reading what the author did after he left the cfl Jerseys china shoe business and how his life revolves around finance. I cfl Jerseys cheap hope that he writes more about his life as I am sure there is much more that will keep the reader interested. Thanks Bill for writing this book.

Sherry Levine

I have a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Bill Morgenstein has led a very crazy life from growing up in Brooklyn, NY, to university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to a stint in Korea with the army, and a lifetime of entrepreneurship. With a hearty, good-natured attitude toward life in general, he embarked with enthusiasm into every phase of his life (well, not so much the army), up to and including, authorship of a very funny, very interesting autobiography called The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn.

When I finished reading this light-hearted look at life, I contacted Bill and asked him a few questions about his life and his writing.

Q: What advantages do you think you had through your parents and grandparents as you grew up in Brooklyn that prepared you for what has been basically a lifetime of entrepreneurship?

A: My grandparents were kind and loving but they were no-nonsense people who worked long, hard hours in their “appetizing” store. My father was on the quiet side but he expressed his opinions mostly about health issues because he had medical training. My mother on the other hand exhibited a tough, no-nonsense attitude. She instilled ethics and honesty in me from an early age, right on through adulthood.

Q: Have you thought about writing a book of advice for young people who want to become entrepreneurs?

A: I would like to write a short book in order to help prepare and instill the idea in young people, especially minorities, to form small businesses. My belief is that many young people could break out of the poverty cycle if they had the opportunity to learn how to successfully run a small business operation. In that book I would encourage ex or current businesses to form support organizations in depressed neighbourhoods throughout the country in order to guide and teach youngsters how to run a successful small business.

Q: Are you yourself currently involved in helping impoverished youth set themselves up in small businesses?

A: I am not yet involved but I am talking to some people in the community and will shortly contact SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) at the SBA cheap nfl t-shirts from china (Small Business Administration) to see if they will set up a nfl t-shirts men’s program.

Q: Much of your adult life was spent in the shoe industry so a lot of your anecdotes are about that. Do you feel that these stories could be almost a tutorial for someone interested in getting into that field or has too much changed over the years?

A: The change in the fashion and shoe industries came in the early sixties when these businesses became more sophisticated and the focus went from the creative stylists and buyers to the accountants. [This shift increased as the computer industry developed.] My arizona cardinals Jersey schedule belief, at least when I was actively involved, was that the shoe industry was on a higher moral ground black arizona cardinals Jersey than the so called “Rag” industry. Because of the demand for footwear, especially from youth and women, it is still a dynamic industry to be in.

Q: You talk about many people in the shoe industry who helped you out at different stages. Who would you say was your most important mentor along the way?

A: I was lucky to have a number of mentors. Some taught me great sales techniques: Shockley from the Alabama Fence Co and Metzger from Sandia International. Frank Rooney from The Melville Corp reinforced the importance of ethics and professionalism. As mentioned in the book, both my mother and my wife gave me excellent guidance.

Q: When I was reading about your army career in Korea, I couldn’t help thinking about the television series, M.A.S.H. If you watched M.A.S.H., did you ever think, “Oh, this is so familiar!” or did you feel it was just a comedy without any relationship to reality?

A: As to my service in Korea, since I was there during a time of tension but no combat, the only thing that I could relate to when watching M.A.S.H. was the humour. In actual war there is little to laugh about. My guess, however, is that the writers wanted to show the ridiculousness of war in a funny manner. Those that served in Korea during combat would have portrayed the M.A.S.H. unit much differently I believe.

Q: Outside of your “dream trip” to youth arizona cardinals Jerseys Israel, which country would you say was your favourite as far as appreciating the culture, the people, and the setting?

A: I found something to like in almost every country that I visited and/or worked in. Most could do better if they had better government policies, especially those that reflect the Mercantilism of the 16th-18th centuries. My two favorites however were Brazil because of their fun loving people and their music and Italy, also because of the civilized attitude of their people. (In spite of their cumbersome government and frequent strikes).

Q: Do you have plans to write any more books?

A: I would like to write two more books: one about business and the other about recent Jewish history.

Q: Do you think you will ever completely retire?

A: I think what will keep me alive will be the fact that I won’t completely retire.
Bill Morgenstein today
Bill Morgenstein today

This book is full of humour, wisdom, and human interest. Bill has led an interesting life and has a way with an anecdote. His adult life has been just as interesting as his childhood, if not quite as mischievous. He has a genuine zest for life but also an “extreme dislike for injustice and tyranny”. I enjoyed reading about the various countries on the several continents he visited in connection with his work. It was exciting as he ventured to make inroads into new markets around the globe, frightening as he found himself caught up in the middle of unrest, and hilarious as newly-made friends took advantage of his naiveté. His take on restaurants and accommodations around the world could almost be extracted as a travel guide. My favourite part, though, was his “dream trip” to Israel. The places he and his wife, Sylvia, went and the people they met, made for an intriguing interlude between his official retirement and his return to an active role in finance and industry. As an archaeology buff, I was envious of all the places he described on this one vacation trip out of so many working trips. I just might print out his itinerary and keep it in a safe place until I’m able to go there myself.

This is not a book that you have to read in one sitting. It’s a book where you can read a few chapters, put it down, and come back to it again and again. It’s easy to see why Bill was successful in dealing with people — his whole ‘joie de vivre’ bubbles up through his stories and makes them a delight to read. I did find that I possibly learned more about the shoe business than I really needed to know but it stands to reason that, as that was his main career, the majority of the stories tended to be about that. An enjoyable read. Great gift for the entrepreneur or humourist in your family. The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn is available through Amazon or go to Bill’s website and buy with PayPal for an autographed copy. * * *

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review. Bill Morgenstein has led a very crazy life from growing up in Brooklyn, NY, to university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to a stint in Korea w…

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Excellent Autobiography by first cfl Jerseys calgary time author!

Excellent autobiography by first time author Bill Morgenstein. cfl Jerseys toronto Proves you don’t have to be cfl Jersey number rules a well known cheap authentic cfl Jerseys figure to lead a fascinating exciting life.

This autobiography has drama, cfl Jersey advertising comedy and great life lessons.
A must read!!

Barry Morgenstein

The Cheap CFL Jerseys Crazy Life Of A Kid From cfl Jersey sizing Brooklyn…

This book was a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t put it down. The travels and life experiences if the author flowed beautifully. Traveling most of the world, visiting new cfl Jerseys exquisite hotels, gourmet dining had it all. Business associates came up throughout the book making me feel that I knew these guys and adidas cfl Jerseys was traveling with the author whenever names came up. .. There is successes and failures, comedy and tragedy, and family. .. Most of the comical things written had me cracking up, where again, I felt that it could happened to me. ……. This is perhaps the best cfl Jerseys wholesale book I’ve read in years. I recommend this book to everyone of all ages. I’ll give this book “5 stars”.

Ed & Nancy Connor

Finally got my hands on a copy!

Fascinating as I was a wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys for cheap part of Bill’s story. Also knew a great number of the people Cheap Stitched NFL Patch Jerseys he mentions stitched nfl patch Jerseys pizza and worked with. wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys pizza A stitched nfl patch Jerseys mikes great read for anyone from that generation!

Steve W.

Outstanding, entertaining and informative!

Thoroughly enjoyed this wholesale nike nfl Jerseys official great piece of work written by a man I’ve had an immense amount cheap nike nfl Jerseys made in usa of respect for over many years. I found myself laughing out loud – very loudly – during flights and elsewhere. I wholesale nike nfl Jerseys paypal was constantly drawn in. Mr. Morgenstein’s stories bring amazingly clear images to mind. Many come forward with cheap wholesale nike nfl Jerseys film-like clarity. The kid from Brooklyn’s college days alone are worthy of a film! He has cheap custom nike nfl Jerseys been quite the globetrotter and takes you along for the trip. Strongly recommended.

Paul Fernandez

A Quick, Interesting, Informative Read

The fast pace of wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys wholesale the book, written in anecdotes, introduces the reader to Bill in a stitched nfl patch Jerseys sports way that makes you feel you actually know him. Besides wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys cheap being a life story, it is stitched nfl patch Jerseys cheap an interesting insight wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys sports into the evolution of the shoe business. I enjoyed it.

E Adrian

Nice easy reading.

My wife and i both read cfl Jersey customization this book shreveport pirates cfl Jerseys and enjoyed it buy cfl Jerseys very much. its great to read about the life doug flutie cfl Jersey of a dear friend warren moon cfl Jersey of many years.


Great real life story!

Very nice and boys nfl jackets very true, nike nfl jackets I know the author. A great man with nfl jackets for boys a very interesting qvc nfl jackets life. The photo is vintage cfl Jerseys himself when young.


Great Book!

The autobiograph of nike nfl Jerseys on sale Bill nike nfl Jerseys elite Morgenstein really cheap nike nfl Jerseys china wholesale captured his life. I enjoyed nike nfl Jerseys wholesale usa reading it from beginning to end and could not cheap nike nfl Jerseys free shipping put the book down.

Barbara Levy

I recently read “The Crazy Stitched NFL Patch Jerseys Life of a Kid from Brooklyn” by cheap stitched nfl patch Jerseys mikes Bill Morgenstein and found it very enjoyable. Like Bill, I lived in those times: I served in the air force in the Korean War, I grew up in Brooklyn, and I spent stitched nfl patch Jerseys for sale the better part of my working life in Wholesale Stitched NFL Patch Jerseys the shoe industry. cheap stitched nfl patch Jerseys cheap Bill’s book talks about all these things.

Bill Morgenstein’s book has a ring of authenticity about it, and brought me to laughter at times and brought back memories of my youth. I recommend it highly.

Robert Landau

A. Piper Burgi

This captivating memoir illustrates what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression and World War II era, to have dreams fulfilled and then have those same dreams dashed. His first-hand accounts detail the ups and downs of his live “way back when” all the way through the present, and are just stirring.

In Mr. Morgenstein’s memoir, cfl Jerseys winnipeg you get a glimpse of his childhood when he wanted to become a professional baseball player for the New York Yankees, his education at the University of Alabama, cfl Jersey store and a budding career, all the way through his military service in Korea. His travels, adventures, and business sense are thoroughly highlighted throughout. Upon his return from serving his country, he became the successful President of a company before celebrating his thirtieth birthday.

Bill was in the shoe business. Although he started out selling footwear in the local shoe stores, he rapidly made a name for himself. He traveled to factories Stateside as well as overseas to bring the newest shoe styles on the market. Countries such as Spain, Germany, Brazil, Holland and Italy were frequent travel destinations. But, despite all of his demanding activities, he somehow managed to preserve a personal life. It was, therefore,  wonderful to learn that he’s been married to the love of his life, Sylvia, for over 60 years.

This book was written with a definite zest for life which the author superbly expresses. Every page seems to exude his “Never give up no matter what” attitude, which I find inspirational. This book is a well-written, entertaining autobiography, I just couldn’t put down. I give The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn Five Gold Shoes!


David Anderson I learn something new every page of Bill Morgenstein’s “The Crazy Life…” At this time i am slowly reading through his written work (wanting to absorb the details)-the joy, absurdness, humor, and seriousness. i took a city bus to a Barnes and Noble in out-lying Grand Rapids, Michigan to order a “Print-On-Demand” copy (which was sent and delivered by mail, free because a have a B&N discount card. My effort was greatly rewarded by this refreshingly frank memoir. The manuscript is QUITE unlike my not-yet-edited manuscript (i will throw in a plug here….yikes. But, oh well…..”A Life of Unleashed Mania.” Dave Bob Anderson.”
“i learn something new every page of Bill Morgenstein’s “The Crazy Life…” At this time i am slowly reading through his written work (wanting to absorb the details)-the joy, absurdness, humor, and seriousness. i took a city bus to a Barnes and Noble in out-lying Grand Rapids, Michigan to order a “Print-On-Demand” copy (which was sent and delivered by mail, free because a have a B&N discount card. My effort was greatly rewarded by this refreshingly frank memoir. The manuscript is QUITE unlike my not-yet-edited manuscript (i will throw in a plug here….yikes. But, oh well…..”A Life of Unleashed Mania.” Dave Bob Anderson.”

5.0 out of 5 stars
I highly recommend “The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn” and I really wish I could give this book more than five stars!
By Avid Readeron February 13, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

“The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn” by Bill Morgenstein is a well written and wonderfully engaging memoir. The reader is treated to a very up close and personal journey with Bill Morgenstein. The author begins this book by starting from his early years in Brooklyn as a kid where he tells us about his adventures with his best friend Louie. I really enjoyed the stories about these two self-proclaimed troublemakers. We then follow Bill to Stuyvesant High School where Bill was a pitcher on the baseball team. After high school Bill attended the University of Alabama and we learn many entertaining tales about his time in college. At the University of Alabama Bill begins to date Silvia and they marry while both are attending college. Bill and Silvia have been married for over 60 years which is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. This memoir moves along swiftly as the author writes about his time in boot camp, the Korean War and his business career after the war along with his many travels around the globe. Bill Morgenstein is a man who has worked very hard his whole life and his hard work has rewarded him with a very fulfilling life. Mr. Morgenstein’s life is a rich journey that unfolds on the pages of this fascinating memoir. I highly recommend “The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn” and I really wish I could give this book more than five stars.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A heart-warming and genuine read
By Morgyn Wadeon February 13, 2016

Format: Paperback

In all my years of reading, it has been rare for me to find a book so honest and so real. This book is a memoir that is written perfectly. Morgenstein’s writing style flows flawlessly from one account to another in such seamless fashion that it hardly seems possible. His style is straightforward but mesmerizing, each time I picked up the book I was quickly lost in the story of Morgenstein’s life. His life is Wholesale CFL Jerseys a whirlwind of events, from harmless schoolboy fun, college fraternity pranks, to the army, and then on to business and travel, it seems there was never a dull moment in Morgenstein’s life. Throughout the book, there is an authenticity and genuineness of character that cannot be mistaken. As you read the book you can’t help but finding yourself admiring the man and the way in which he lived his life. All in all it was a wonderful book to read, filled with both laughter and sorrow.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Read this for an encouraging and interesting Memoir

By Giri on February 11, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

yes, I completed the book, or may be my journey with Mr.Bill Morgenstein has completed. After I read the book, I remember the words of Dan Savage, “I think the best thing for you to do is just live your life. Live a life that’s worth living, one where you do what you want to do, pursue your passions. That way, if you meet someone, they’ll be joining a life that’s already really good. “After reading, The crazy Life of a kid from Brooklyn, I feel the words has to be changed. We have to live a life which is worth writing an interesting Memoir.
The author has written his Memoir not in a heroic way but in a matter of fact tone, in a commendable way. The language is good and the quality of words, used positive. I heard somewhere that, If you have a problem in life, instead of thinking, Why me? ,Take things in its stride and have a sense of humor, things will surely improve. Here is a person, who lived a whole cfl Jerseys vancouver life that way.Hats off to you sir, and thanks for writing the memoir, This is not a book to read for one time, but when you feel bad over something, read this, for the sense of humor, the encouragement, the positiveness, it spreads in us.
I got a free copy of this book to read and write a review. When I saw the reviews already posted, I thought to myself what more I can write. After reading this book I feel this is more than a book, a lifetime experience and even though, more hundreds of reviews, if written can not cover the content and the impact it leaves on you.
Note: All the readers please do check the author page for the lovely photos the author had placed in his page.

By Hope on February 11, 2016

Format: Paperback

As the story opens, Bill takes you as a reader on a journey that is full

5.0 out of 5 stars
A book of hope, It helps you to remain focused on your purpose in life.of despair and hope. Exciting and thrilling the story is one that when I read am convinced that when you have a purpose you can achieve anything you want. As I continue to read the story of Bill I have these mixed emotions of joy in his success and fear of how his life keeps on turning. As a young boy he dreamt of becoming a baseball player for Yankees; however, circumstances turned his life. Experiencing a life of war, peace and many other challenges Bill leaves you wondering how a person can face so much in his life and yet become successful in almost everything he does. From during his young age Bill shows great passion and determination in life that sees him successful for most of his life. Through the trying time Bill remains focused and holds onto his philosophy of ethics and honesty a very desirable attribute.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great book!
BySt. Nickon February 10, 2016

Format: Paperback

Truly, this a splendid epistle of a man with intense passion and perseverance. His success speak for its self and his happiness in life is the proof.
I never taught that one with such responsibilities and changing conditions could achieve that much and still manages to keep his family together. For sure, this book takes a clean shoot of his family background and the various obstacle that ensured he’s at the place where he is right now. The journey however, was not easy but with measures of motivation Bill pulled it off. Lastly, there are lots of life lessons scattered within the book and I’ve found some’
Notwithstanding, being a passionate book lover a friend gave me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Must Read For Everyone!
By Mia Johnsonon February 9, 2016

Format: Paperback

The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn Bill Morgenstein is an interesting autobiography that I read recently. And I am very much pleased in reading this and I must say that this is high class work from a first time author. Absolutely stunning! This book gripped my mind thoroughly form first page to its very last. I could not put this down so I read this in one sitting. Bill has clearly expressed his life full of adventures inspiring the reader.His character is developed through childhood memories and experience in the U.S. Army and as a loving husband and a father as doug flutie cfl Jerseys well. The humor added makes it more enjoyable. His success and failure in his life is described here and I find that there are many lessons to learn through this book. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend this for every one.