The Crazy Life Of A Kid From Brooklyn //


This book is written by a generally shy and quiet person who believes that you learn by listening and observing. Normally my decisions are made quickly but the decision to finally write the story of my life only came after some persuasion from friends. What I hope comes out of reading this book, besides the humor is not only the love of life but the extreme dislike for injustice and tyranny. I realize that some laws and rules are necessary but I am firmly convinced that we have far too many regulations. Economic laws especially end up having cross purposes to their original intent. A well known economist and ex chairman of the Council of Economic advisers under President Reagan told me once (and also wrote about it in one of his books), that virtually all economic laws that were passed had the opposite effect as to what they were originally intended.

I dedicate this book to my wife, Sylvia, my children, their wives and my grandchildren. We all normally speak with them a number of times a day and we are all a very close knit family. Sylvia and I have been married for over 60 years and although we have our differences she has my highest respect. Sylvia is the rock of the family, making sure that everyone is cared for and safe in every way. Highly cultured, she is a perfectionist, whether cooking a gourmet dinner, throwing a party or making sure that every article of clothing matches (including mine). She is also an extremely loyal and caring friend and she is a person that goes out of her way to be fair. Sylvia is also not afraid to speak her mind without offending. She is also honest to a fault. In all of the years that I know her I can’t ever remember her being late to any engagement or appointment.

Both of my sons are successful. Lee who recently passed away from cancer was an IT director for a well known accounting company and Barry a world class head shot photographer with studios in Manhattan. We are also blessed with two talented grandchildren; Mike and Dan. One is already at the University and the other in high school, both destined for successful careers.

I thank those who encouraged me to write this book and all of my friends who either participated in our at least laughed at the stories. A special thanks goes to Al Kravit who helped edit, structure the book and make many valuable corrections. This took countless hours and his dedication is appreciated. Thank you also to the editors of Createspace whose corrections and suggestions were virtually faultless. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.