The Crazy Life Of A Kid From Brooklyn //

About Me

My dream was to play baseball for the New York Yankees. I was on the Stuyvesant baseball team, but because of my working hours, my playing time was limited. I was constantly in trouble in public school, as I was egged on by my dear friend Louie. My antics in high school and college would never be acceptable in today’s world. Upon graduation from the University of Alabama, with a BS in finance I was drafted into the army and sent to Korea, where again my antics again got me into trouble. After the army I obtained a position as a Management Trainee for Thom McAn shoe company. My objective was to become a corporate president by the time I was 35 years of age. That was fulfilled when I was named president of Kitty Kelly Shoe Co. The time came when I formed my own import-export company call Marquesa International. After closing the company due to a sad scam I started a new successful career in Finance. I traveled extensively throughout the world and I met many fascinating and interesting people along the way. My encounters with such historical figures as Sergeant York, Cordell Hull, Sid Gordon, Jomo Kenyatta, Nando Parrado, Vince Camuto, Pele, Peter Drucker, Regine, The Girl From Ipenema, Ken And Charley Cole, Gary Marshall, Telly Savalas, Jim Nabors, David Rockefeller, Hoagy Carmichael, Sandy Koufax, and high government officials provide amusing cultural touchstones that reveal a willingness to embrace everything life has to offer. Through all the successful, disappointing, dangerous, educational, and enlightening experiences that have shaped my life, I remain philosophical as I explore the roles of ethics, honesty, and unfailing determination in shaping the human experience. I continue to enjoy life with a wife of over 60 years, two sons, two grandsons and two daughter-in-laws.